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Ethics News

December 5, 2023

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A new study provides compelling evidence that music preferences can serve as a window into an individual's moral values. It has uncovered an important link between music and morality, paving the way ...
Researchers have developed a new experiment to better understand what people view as moral and immoral decisions related to driving vehicles, with the goal of collecting data to train autonomous ...
We've known for more than a century that women outlive men. But new research shows that, at least in the United States, the gap has been widening for more than a ...
Sharks and rays from threatened species are being caught off northern Cyprus, according to a new study by scientists who are working with local authorities and fishers to protect the ...
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Earlier Headlines

People in many parts of the United States possess few chances for the robust community engagement that underpins healthy democracies, according to a new report that for the first time maps civic ...

After conducting the first scoping review of its kind, researchers have developed an evidence-based interactive mapping tool to assist policymakers as they consider regulating the concentration of ...

Addressing the shortage of women in STEM fields such as computer science is not enough to close the gender gap: Treating women more like men, especially on pay day, is more important than ...

In the largest-ever review of faculty retention in the United States, researchers reveal how harassment, a sense of not belonging and other factors contribute to a lack of gender diversity among ...

In a new study, participants tended to rate women's bodies as slimmer when viewed in selfie photographs than in photographs taken from other ...

A new wearables study tracking over 25,000 people provides the best evidence yet that short bouts of incidental activity, the kind we do as part of daily living, could reduce risk of heart attack, ...

Non-monetary benefits such as independence, autonomy and the ability to work on innovative technologies are among the key selling points for talented scientists and engineers who spurn working for a ...

Prioritizing career goals over fun and freedom doesn't make your life better, researchers have found. The study across three countries discovered people who prioritized achievement over ...

New results reveal that many of Africa's remaining lions live within small, fragmented populations at risk of disappearing. The researchers developed a new framework which integrates ecological ...

Using artificial intelligence applications to help craft a message to a friend is not a good idea -- at least if your friend finds out about the use of AI, a new study ...

A new study shows that counter to public perception, positive beliefs about the world are a poor indicator of a person's ...

New research shows that socio-economic factors play a larger role in migration than ...

The US continues to face stark inequalities in preterm birth and mortality rates between mothers of differing socioeconomic status and race, finds a new ...

Invasive alien species are animals that may pose a threat to biodiversity, but it's time to deal with that threat in a more ethical ...

People without a secure job contract can likely reduce their risk of premature death by 20 per cent if they gain permanent employment, a study ...

Among the negative impacts of extreme weather events around the world is one that most people may not think of: an increase in child ...

Alcohol use and subsequent handgun carrying were positively associated during adolescence and young adulthood among individuals who grew up in rural areas, similar to findings in urban areas. ...

It's human nature to be judgmental. But why do we place less blame on someone, or give more praise, if we find out that person had a history of suffering in childhood? In a recent study, ...

Thanks to continuous advances in human stem cell research, studies that make use of embryo models are progressing quickly. This research offers both a scientific and ethical alternative to the use of ...

Over recent decades, there was a large variation in cyclone-related excess deaths by hurricane, state, county, year, and social vulnerability for counties in the United States, with 83 percent of ...

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