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Pancreatic Cancer News

December 5, 2023

Top Headlines

Decreasing pancreatic beta cell numbers -- the only cells that produce insulin -- is a leading cause of diabetes. In a promising development, a research group has revealed that stimulating autonomic ...
Researchers have discovered antibodies that interact with pancreatic cancer cells and healthy cells. These findings contribute to our knowledge of how the disease works. And they could help pinpoint future efforts for developing immunotherapy ...
Researchers conducted a gene expression analysis at the single-cell level on pancreatic islets from prediabetic and diabetic mouse models. Analysis results revealed upregulation of Anxa10 expression in pancreatic beta cells during the early phases ...
A new scientific finding is the foundation for the first clinical trial in the U.S. to study an experimental drug's ability to fight pancreatic cancer with metastasis to the liver. ...
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Earlier Headlines

Early laboratory results in mice show the drug PXS-5505 increases survival when combined with chemotherapy in the treatment of pancreatic ductal ...

Scientists have developed a nanoengineered bioink with improved bonding and cross-linking capabilities for 3D bioprinted tumor models. These capabilities are enabled by the addition of Laponite, ...

Four years ago, a report that a common species of fungus might fuel pancreatic cancer offered a promising new view of the deadly disease. But in working to validate the finding, researchers have ...

Giving patients with operable pancreatic cancers a three-pronged combination immunotherapy treatment consisting of the pancreatic cancer vaccine GVAX, the immune checkpoint therapy nivolumab and ...

Researchers find a combination of drugs outperformed other treatments in human and mouse models of pancreatic cancer; now urge clinical ...

Researchers have discovered a new nutrient source that pancreatic cancer cells use to grow. The molecule, uridine, offers insight into both biochemical processes and possible therapeutic pathways. ...

Nanomedicine researchers have found a way to tame pancreatic cancer -- one of the most aggressive and difficult to treat cancers -- by delivering immunotherapy directly into the tumor with a device ...

A research team has identified a set of biomarkers that could help distinguish whether cysts on the pancreas are likely to develop into cancer or remain ...

Researchers describe how pancreatic cancer stem cells leverage a protein in a family of proteins that normally suppress tumors to instead do the opposite, boosting their resistance to conventional ...

Scientists discover a molecular pathway critical to the initiation of pancreatic tumors. The findings may inspire new chemotherapeutic drugs targeting early stages of tumor formation and ...

Researchers have discovered a novel immunotherapy combination, targeting checkpoints in both T cells and myeloid suppressor cells, that successfully reprogrammed the tumor immune microenvironment ...

A new study showcases chemotherapy treatment before and after surgery for pancreatic cancer as the most effective combination for ...

A small molecule inhibitor that attacks the difficult to target, cancer-causing gene mutation KRAS, found in nearly 30 percent of all human tumors, successfully shrunk tumors or stopped cancer growth ...

New research points to the inactivation of a previously unidentified gene as a likely culprit in the development of pancreatic cancer. The findings could alter the scientific understanding of this ...

Researchers show that a molecule called T-cadherin can be secreted in a soluble form. Soluble T-cadherin interacts with pancreatic insulin-producing beta cells via the Notch signaling pathway to ...

Overall cancer death rates continued to decline among men, women, children, and adolescents and young adults in every major racial and ethnic group in the United States from 2015 to 2019, according ...

Biomedical engineers have demonstrated the most effective treatment for pancreatic cancer in mouse models ever recorded. While most mouse trials consider simply halting growth a success, the new ...

Two drugs -- one brand new -- reverse pancreatic cell changes that presage one of the hardest cancers to treat. Tested in cells, the drugs would be a promising early cancer treatment if they work in ...

Scientists distinguish a specific gene signature indicative of mitochondrial reprogramming in tumors that correlates with poor patient ...

Investigators have examined the microbiome of pancreatic tumors and identified particular microorganisms at single cell resolution that are associated with inflammation and with poor survival. ...

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